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Announcing a Divorce (whether or not you’re Jeff Bezos)


The decision to get divorced is rarely easy and often filled with emotional turmoil. How and when to let acquaintances and the public in on that very personal and private decision is a complicated one itself, and worthy of careful consideration. Because how you frame things now, what you share, and how you talk about your soon-to-be-ex will have ripples and ripples into the future. Being very intentional with your language and your tone is important and can help set the stage for a more peaceful next chapter. Check out what I have to say about it in this Wall Street Journal article below (from January 12, 2019)…. or view the article at https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-art-of-the-public-divorce-announcement-11547215200

What do you think about how people should handle a divorce announcement — or if they even should be done? What do you think of the one put out by Jeff & Mackenzie Bezos? Post a comment below….