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How We're Different (& Why)

InnerWell’s counseling services emphasize a holistic, empowering, strength-based approach, helping people come home to the best within themselves and their relationships, transforming old patterns and challenges from the inside out.

Recent advances in neuroscience have radically changed our understanding of how our brains work and how change really happens. The part of our brains that are intellectually smart are different from the part that holds emotion and memory, which is why we humans can be so complicated and confusing sometimes in how we react and respond. The key to wholeness and healing and greater freedom from negative patterns is an integrative and experiential mindfulness-based approach, which is our specialty.

InnerWell’s therapists all have advanced training and expertise in leading-edge approaches to personal and/or relationship transformation based on this new scientific understanding which mirrors wisdom of ancient contemplative traditions. Compassionate and practical, our approach is active, engaged and collaborative, and up to date. We help you engage and integrate the parts of your heart and mind and body where memory and emotion are held, so that you can have greater ease and choicefulness in how you respond to the people and circumstances in your life. We are committed to helping you discover and meet your goals, using the best and the latest our field has to offer.